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Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are established for all approved programs. They are stated on each program’s published in official print materials. 

The established admission requirements consider the academic rigor, curriculum content, industry standards and other factors directly related to a student’s success in the program.  Admission requirements can be changed as required in accordance with Universities or colleges Academic Policy and other relevant policies.

  • Admission requirements may include the following factors:
  • Rrequired courses.
  • Minimum grade levels*
  • Minimum average grades.
  • Mnimum grades in required courses.
  • Minimum scores on admission exams.
  • Minimum age requirement where required
  • Ddemonstrated proficiency in specific skills
  • demonstrated successful completion of a relevant post-secondary education course’s) and/or skills training
  • Eevidence of good character
  • Sspecial admission provisions
  • English Language Requirement
  • Complete the Required grade of the language of instruction and examination at an language
  •  school in destination countries:or
  •  English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of at least  550.580 (paper-based) or 6.5  IELTS.


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