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Supply you with print materials (calendars, overviews, summaries and program brochures)

Our Student Recruitment Advisors can answer general questions about:

  • Educational planning,College counseling,Career counseling,University placement and application services.

niversity Selection Process

With our research data and facts, you will be able to locate the institutions that are best for you and moreover you’ll comprehend why they are good for you. We’ll also understand you academic and financial qualification and match it with the best institution.

Application Forms

We’ll guide you in filling up application forms for the institutions that have been short-listed. Your application is your identification in front of the admissions committee and remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Documentation Management

We also give you samples of documents of the successful students to prepare your documents. Our International Education Advisors are always there to assist you.

Drafting your own Application Essay and SOP

Essays are a very important component of the application that explains your part while applying to the institution. With this understanding, we help you in drafting your Essays and SOP’s before you send them to the university admission office.

Financial Aid from the Institution

Scholarships make overseas education more affordable for good students. Getting an admission is sometimes just not enough; they aspire to get scholarships to make their dream a reality. We assist you in understanding and negotiating the financial aid process that will enhance the possibilities of getting handsome financial aid.

Application Follow-up

Our application-processing department keeps such follow up with the help of the state of the art database management system. By this way we keep control and tracking of the entire application process. When the students apply on their own, only 33 percent of the students get admission. The admission process tends to get delayed when the students apply on their own because of the improper or insufficient documentation that accompanies the application.

Excellent Visa Guidance and Interview Preparation

We train you for the visa interview by providing mock sessions; we make our best efforts to instill confidence in you to face the visa counselor.

Visa Services

Visa is a document that permits you to travel to other countries and also it defines your status in that country. Mainly there are two types of visas you need to apply to travel to a country.

They are:

  1. Immigrant Visa, and
  2. Non-Immigrant visa

The immigrant visa is for people who want to migrate to a country and settle down permanently in that country. Non-immigrant visa is to travel to a country for a temporary stay such as for a visit, business purpose, study etc. You have to come back to your own country once the specified period of your stay mentioned in your non-immigrant visa is over. For study in a country you need Student visa.

Many times its been observed that students who deserve to get a visa, even they fail to do so. There are several reasons behind these failures, one of which is improper visa documentation and poor presentation skills in the visa interview at the consulate office play major role for rejection of visa.

Visa guidance division of Adept Consultants works very systematically to make a success. The process to prepare you for your day at the consulate office is divided into two major parts.

  1. Preparation for your visa documentation; and
  2. Training and mock testing for the visa interview

Preparation For Your Visa Documentation Visa documentation is quite dependent on the university or college you select and the expenditure you need to bear for your study in the destination country. There are several documents needed to be arranged, collected and prepared for visa documentation. It includes:

  1. Evidences of admission to the institution (admission confirmation letter),
  2. Financial documents to prove your affordability for the entire expenditure pertaining to course fee, living expenses (food, accommodation, health, insurance, transportation, communication and entertainment etc.),

The following documents need to be submitted at the Consulates for Visa application:

  • Visa application form
  • Visa fees
  • Passport
  • Visa Verification fees
  • Academic Papers
  • Academic mark sheets
  • Original Score Sheets of TOEFL / IELTS / SAT / GRE / GMAT Tests
  • Scholarships and awards secured, if any
  • Experience Letter
  • Financial Documents (These documents will vary from case to case)
  1. Bank Passbook
  2. Bank Statement / Transaction, Chartered Account Report
  3. Chartered Engineer Report
  4. Affidavit of Support
  5. MRO (Mandal Revenue Officer) Report
  6. Salary Certificate
  7. Income Tax Statement
  8. Rental Agreement, if any
  9. Fixed Deposit Certificate
  10. Loan Approval Letter
  11. Insurance and other Bonds, Shares, Deposit Certificates

Visa documentation division of Adept Consultants is operated by finance experts and liaisoning officers who work very closely with the chartered accountants and chartered engineers of students or their sponsors to give exact requirements of the respective consulate offices where students apply for their visa. Our experts coordinate with all the necessary parties like Bankers, Financial Advisors, MRO officers etc.

Training And Mock Testing For The Visa Interview

Adept Consultants conducts mock interviews with students with the regular questions asked at the Consulate.

Except some countries like Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Cyprus etc most of the countries have visa interview sessions and its very important for the students to be confident and fluent in the interview sessions as many students having sufficient documents also get rejection due to the improper communication skills and poor presentation of their documents.

Following are some of the regular questions asked at the visa interview and we make our students reply these questions confidently:
Q.What is the purpose of your visit?
Q.Why are you leaving your country?
Q.Why particularly this university?
Q.What are your future plans after this education?
Q.When shall you return back to your country?

Following questions are asked based on your admission to the university/college. You must go through the details in your Admission Letter.
Q.What is the name of the college/university you are going to?
Q.Where is this located?
Q.Which program are you enrolled for?
Q.Why did you select this program?
Q.What is your qualification and your academic records?
Q.What are your test score marks of GRE / GMAT / SAT / TOEFL / IELTS?
Q.When did you appear for them?
Q.What is the length of your program?
Q.What are the expenses involved for your trip?

The following questions are asked based on your financial documents
Q.Show me the Bank Passbook / Statements / Bank Certificate / IT Returns?
Q.Who is going to bear all the expenses and How?
Q.Your father does service, how will he afford your education?
Q.What is the loan recovery system and how are you going to pay back this amouunt?

 Supporting other necessary services for students.Pre-departure Orientation

You are embarking on one of the most inspiring journey of your life, and our International Education Advisors are dedicated to making it just as much of an achievement as you do!  

You can talk to a Student Recruitment Advisor by email or phone.  Or, you can make an appointment to visit Us.

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