Professional educational advising is increasingly seen as a must-have service. In many countries, it is common practice for prospective students to use an education agent when seeking placement in a university or college abroad. In some countries 60 – 80% of international students are assisted by education agencies and advisors.
If you would like to increase your international student, become one of API-Kvoshgaran Elm’s  institute,


API- Kavoshgaran Elm (Kavoshgaran Elm Admission provider Institute) Recruiter of Students agency.
Business license: Iranian Ministry of sciences and Technology
Register No:17942.
Date stablished:March.15.2005. Iran.

What can API- Kavoshgaran Elm do for you?

► Represent you to potential students on a year-round basis.
► Provide you with up-to-date and reliable market information and tell you which programs local students are currently seeking.
► Distribute your promotional materials on a regular basis.
► Advertise in targeted local student media on your behalf.
► Represent you at local student fairs and exhibitions.
► Pr-arrange appointments and speaking opportunities for you.

► Provide you with a local office infrastructure when you visit the area. With their local knowledge, education agents can help you plan and streamline local marketing such as advertising or mail shots, which will make your marketing in a specific country or region more successful and cost-effective.

API- Kavoshgaran Elm has good network in Iran, We fully assist students to process his / her application for example. we help our students for choosing Courses, Colleges / Universities. We guide about the prerequisite and all other requirements.
API -Kavoshgaran Elm was established with the aim of providing quality education to the student community and to give accurate information about foreign universities and colleges. We are a highly professional team dedicated to the improvement of the education offered in different fields.

API- Kavoshgaran Elm concentrates on International Student Recruitment founded with the principle to provide the best admissions counseling possible to aspiring college and graduate students.
We understand how stressful and time consuming the admissions process can be for applicants, and how increasing competition for places in top schools and programs has added to that pressure.
API- Kavoshgaran Elm helps the students increase their chances of gaining entry to their preferred programs by pairing them with appropriate International Education Advisors. All of our Advisors are well experienced, giving them a thorough understanding of admissions dynamics and decisions. They use that knowledge to help their clients make informed decisions and prepare effective application packages.

Who can work with us?

Students, Educational Consultants, Colleges/ Universities With a wide network of associate offices, API- Kavoshgaran Elm has a broad capability to help students, educational consultants, and universities/academic institutions globally. API- Kavoshgaran Elm offices are state of the art counseling centers for students and their parents to come in and explore academic opportunities in several countries around the world.

Business Opportunity

API- Kavoshgaran Elm recruits quality students from all over the globe. Our mission is simply to promote diversity on college/university campuses in the United States, Europe, Canada , Germany, France , Sweden and Australia and to promote the value of higher education in ALL lands.

Business Option

API- Kavoshgaran Elm was set up with a vision to enable students from all nations to have the opportunity to pursue higher education in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, , Germany, France ,  Our objective is to build a strong network of associate partners, who realize the same dream and derive satisfaction by learning and from helping young scholars to make their dream come true.
This will happen when we take the partnerships we form with Associate Partners seriously. Our commitment to our associates is and will be the foundation of our success! It could also be the basis of your success as an API- Kavoshgaran Elm Associate Partner.

Business Potential

The overseas education business is a booming business as students from many lands are clamoring to pursue higher education on foreign soil. According to statistics, 54% of international student enrollment is credited to the Asian student population.

What makes us Strong?

Our website, API- Kavoshgaran Elm is yet another area in which we draw strength. Thousands of international student candidates browse our site each month looking for information on how they, too, can join the ranks of those who are, or who have had, the opportunity to study on foreign soil. Through strategic alliances with leaders in the overseas education industry, we provide content that helps potential students prepare for the GRE and SAT, ease culture shock, prepare for the visa interview, to name just a few features. The list goes on as API- Kavoshgaran Elm understands the needs of its students and acts accordingly. Students are our priority!
Though test preparation is not our primary business, API- Kavoshgaran Elm believes in the inevitable synergy between standardized test preparation and study-abroad counseling. Standardized tests such as the SAT, GRE, GMAT, and the TOEFL are, in fact, mandatory for student eligibility where admissions into colleges and universities abroad are concerned. Hence, the better a student fares on tests such as these, his or her chances increase as to the quality of school that offers him/her an admission, not to mention that the odds that the student will receive financial aid are also greatly improved. For these reasons, students often commit themselves to doing the best they can on required tests.
Finally, we are happy to say that without effective and cordial relationships with our member schools, API- Kavoshgaran Elm’s goal – to provide quality service to quality students, could not be realized. This is true, equally importantly, with whom we develop Associate Partner relationships with! We train you for the visa interview by providing mock sessions; we make our best efforts to instill confidence in you to face the visa counselor.