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Steps to study in Canada

Meet  API-Kavoshgaran Elm Counselors

API-Kavoshgaran Elm endeavors to assist and guide students in making their dream come true to study in Canada. We understand that the application process can be an overwhelming challenge and therefore our counselors are trained to support you from the first step of personalized counseling right till you arrive in Canada.

We understand your need for accurate guidance and support as you explore educational opportunities in Canada. Our expertise, through the entire process that you as a student needs to go through, ensures that you receive the best support and advice. What’s more, you will have your own personal API-Kavoshgaran Elm counselor through the entire process.

Program and Institution selection Step 1

Your counselor will highlight all the relevant information about the Canadian education system. Thereafter, your counselor will conduct a detailed analysis of your academic background, work experience, extra curricular activities, budget restrictions, program and course requirement and career goals. After careful consideration of your qualifications and needs, your counselor will discuss and suggest institutions that best match your academic profile, personality and career goals. The options on offer are guaranteed to meet your study and career aspirations.

Take necessary admission tests ( GRE, GMAT, IELTS )Step 2

Few programs in Canada require you to undertake an admission test as part of assessment of your application. Your counselor will recommend and refer you to take the exam based on your profile and admission requirements. Once you receive your test results and the same has been dispatched to your shortlisted institutions, your counselor will follow-up with the institutions to ensure that all your documentation is in order.

Application submission Step 3

Your counselor will assist you in compiling your application documents and completing the application forms. You will be supported with useful pointers on how to write an effective statement of purpose, essay and draft letters of recommendation all of which contribute to a successful application. Your counselor will also monitor the progress of your application at every stage and track the relevant deadlines.

Receive offer letter Step 4

When you receive your offer letters, your counselor will guide you on the acceptance deadlines and additional document requirements

Pay fees and get acceptance Step 5

Your counselor will guide you on the initial partial fee payment to the institution in order to get the seat assurance in the program and to get the letter of acceptance. Your counselor will help you to get the fee receipt from the institution against your payment and the unconditional acceptance letter.

Prepare documents to apply for student permit ( Visa )Step 6

Your counselor will advise you on the visa regulations and help compile your visa file. You will also receive assistance with making the relevant visa application fee payments and booking your application appointment with VFS – Canada desk for application submission.

Prepare for studying and living in Canada Step 7

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