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Master and Ph.D. in English and German language

Besides offering students from throughout the world a super-intensive course to prepare them for studying, German as a Foreign Language, and our host-family program and student services, API-Kavoshgaran Elm Institute also provides students with study orientation & university placement service. What does this mean in detail?

We check each applicant’s qualification for admission to higher education at German universities and universities of applied sciences; you receive general information about tertiary studies in Germany in the form of a lecture.
In individual study counseling sessions, each student has the opportunity to ask individual questions about the German language course, the German language examinations for acceptance to higher education, individual degree programmes, degrees and the application procedure at universities and universities of applied sciences in the whole of Germany.
In individual study counseling sessions, a personal schedule is drawn up with each student. The concrete steps towards application are determined and useful application strategies are conveyed.
API-Kavoshgarane Elm accompanies the whole application process and helps to compile the documents required for application (certified copies of all certificates from the home country, Curriculum Vitae, passport copies, a completed and signed application for admission and, in rare cases, a letter of motivation).
When a problem occurs, our partners in Germany will make phone calls to the Admissions Office and International Office of the respective university or university of applied sciences in order to find a solution.
Our partner institute in Germany is completed when the student has been awarded a place at an institution of higher education. We support you with our experience and professional competence your placement at an institution of higher education is also our definition of success!

* Our partner institute in Germany has a network of partner universities and partner universities of applies sciences.
Company registration in Germany, relocation services, trade-fair visits, corporate training, intercultural training, personnel recruitment, translation, and interpreting …
If you wish to study at a German university you will need to study the German language first. Even if you intend to take an international degree programme and require TOEFL or IELTS instead of DSH and Test DaF, you will still need a certain level of German for everyday campus life. We offer a wide range of University Preparation Courses preparing for the different linguistic levels from A1 to C2 as well as specific preparation for the examinations required by German universities. The courses are all super-intensive (30 hours per week) meaning that students can apply for university in the shortest period of time while maximizing chances of success. The courses shown below offer different grades of German depending on the final study goal at the university. Each category has two types, premium, and standard. The main differences and advantages of the premium package are listed below:
API-Kavoshgaran Elm’s student service makes sure that all students are able to settle down quickly, enabling them to concentrate on their studies. all students are offered the opportunity to live with a German host family or in a student dormitory. We also offer support to all students in dealing with the necessary formalities at the local authorities such as police registration, immigration and residence permit, work permit, opening a bank account, arranging medical insurance etc.
Company registration in Germany, Relocation Services, Corporate Training, Intercultural training, Personnel recruitment, Translation and Interpreting Service, Internship Placement

Business Consulting provides a portfolio of B2B services for internationally active companies ranging from company incorporation in Europe and Asia to strategy development, training and coaching of personnel, as well as support and implementation in business operations. In all cases, clients are accompanied by a flexible well-coordinated team of business consultants, tax specialists, lawyers, notaries, marketing experts and intercultural management specialists. This enables us to guarantee maximum benefit for the client at a minimal cost.

Vocational education, further education, internships, Focus Germany” short research programs for businessmen, civil servants, university students, research students, professors and managers

Our partner institute in Germany presents a wide range of vocational and further education programs ranging from short research seminars for tax collectors on international comparative tax studies to pilot training courses for upwardly motivated young adults and from internships in multinational companies to practice-oriented dissertation-research programs for final-year students.

All modules include a heavy practical experience focus involving real business situations and visits to companies and public institutions as well as a lively dialogue with experts from specific economic fields, while almost all of our programs are supported by a theoretical element, offering a good grounding in the subject matter as a basis for a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience. All programs focus on the most excellent aspects of state-of-the-art German industrial, social and management technology.

Language Travel, Fly & Enjoy, Flight-booking, Travel Insurance, Group Travel, Educational School Trips, School Partnering, Study Abroad, Internships Abroad

providing great-value-for-money educational tours to different parts of the world. In Europe, we offer low-budget tours to Berlin using low-cost carriers, with or without an educational program. Our tour guides will make sure you have the time of your life in this cosmopolitan city. Special tailor-made tours can be organized for VIPS, fancy-dress baroque tours for those who long for the glory of bygone eras and multilingual tours for those who would like an insider’s multicultural view of Germany’s most cosmopolitan city. We present an exciting range of unbearably good-value-for-money education a program designed to complement the school curriculum, with free places for accompanying teachers.

Travel service is at present limited to group bookings incoming to Berlin, however, in 2008, we will be launching a new web-based booking service for air-tickets for individuals around the world. Our travel insurance partners make sure that all eventualities are covered while you are on the road. On arrival at your destination, you will need  comfortable accommodation: We will help you to find the best solution, whether it be host-family accommodation in Berlin, a 3-star hotel in the city center or a youth hostel

Fields of study

Accounting and Finance ,Aeronautical Engineering ,Agriculture ,Architecture ,Bioengineering ,Biomedicine ,Business Engineering ,Business Information Systems ,Business Studies ,Chemical Engineering ,Civil Engineering ,Computer Science ,Culture Management ,Dentistry ,Environmental Science ,European & International Law ,Film & Theater Studies ,Genetics ,Health Care Management ,Hotel Management ,Industrial Design ,Information Technology ,Journalism & Media Studies ,Master of Business Administration (MBA) ,Mechanical Engineering ,Human Medicine ,Nutrition & Dietetics ,Optical Engineering .Pharmacy, Project Management, Public Health, Renewable Energy and the Environment, Semiconductor Technology, Software Development, Telecommunications Engineering, Textile Design, Tourism Management, Traffic and Transport Studies, Vehicle Engineering, World Animal Production, Zoology

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